Our winter classes are focused on indoor work: Cooking, and science lessons. We learn to can food, sprout seeds, and grow microgreens indoors. We still spend as much time as possible outside, especially if there is snow. We take more frequent field-trips when the weather is uninviting.

Starting in March we clean up the garden after winter and prepare the soil for planting.

We learn about seeding, indoors and outdoors, and how to care for young plants. We plan the layout of the garden, taking sunlight, water flow and ease of access into account. We build terraces and raised beds, and repair the stone wall.

We learn plant identification and do some urban foraging. Guests come in to conduct workshops as various as drumming, paper-making, tree pruning, and birding.

In all of our work we integrate cooking, art and play. Field trips to urban farms, the Arnold Arboretum, and our local parks are a regular feature of the program. At least once in each course we spend a day in the woods at Ponkapoag AMC in Canton.

Have a look Winter-Spring Classes on the Upcoming Classes and CampsĀ page. Contact us at jpgreenschool@gmail.org for more information.