Here are some of the institutions we work with regularly. They offer us field-trips, volunteers, workshops and ideas.

Roslindale Food Forest

Imagine Charlie and the chocolate factory but instead of sugar and chocolate it’s made out of organic sustainable living plants and animals. Roslindale food forest is an initiative that intends to create an ecosystem in unused lots in Roslindale to create this wild plant ecosystem, which kids and small businesses can use freely.

Along with creating a natural food forest, the goal of this project is to educate and inspire our community too, especially kids. We will host programs to teach kids filmmaking and social media advocacy to propagate the idea of sustainability through this generation.

This community project is open to anyone who can contribute skills, time or resources, or wants to use the land for their own personal project. Please reach out to us – we would love to hear from you!

lena-park-logoLena Park Fab Lab

Fab Labs are digital makerspaces where community members can learn to make (almost) anything. The Lena Park Fab Lab, opened in 2017, has state of the art digital fabrication tools (3D Printers, commercial grade laser cutter/engraver, digital embroidery sewing machine, CNC vinyl cutter, and small CNC mill, electronics and soldering equipment). In addition, the Fab Lab has many hand and power tools to let participants make nearly anything they can imagine. We are part of a global network of Fab Labs, where makers, artists, creatives, and students are collaborating to learn 21st century design and fabrication skills, and improving their own lives and their communities.

Lena Park Community Center has been in operation since 1970 providing community services and educational programs to the Mattapan and Dorchester neighborhoods of Boston. It was completely renovated in 2015 with LEED Silver “Green Building” certification.
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